Creative tunings are in your grasp with the SpiderCapo. This device not only allows you to alter tuning across the fretboard but it all allows you to choose individual strings at will.
The SpiderCapo can be used on a classical, electric, acoustic steel and nylon guitars. This capo is for beginners and geniuses alike.



  • Play hundreds of tunings without detuning the guitar.
  • For Acoustic, Electric, Classical-all makes & models.
  • Capo all 6 strings like a regular capo with fine tuning per string!
  • Play all the bar chords and guitar riffs you already know and still have open tuning.
  • Play melodies with open string accompaniment
  • Change guitar tunings in live performance.

There are 945 possibilities in the 1st 15 frets.

It is also possible to use two or more SpiderCapos simultaneously, increasing the tuning possibilities to the thousands.