In all my years playing bass I have always had respect for my “Machines” as well as my hands. Guitar Hands® helps you take care of your skin so you can achieve maximum longevity to shred & thump to your hearts desire.

Guitar Hands® Lotion is a unique medical-musical hand care product created by a dermatologist for hands that play guitar.

Guitar strings can cut, tear, and damage your fingertips…ouch! Some have tried coated strings, silicones, and string cleaners, and these are all helpful to make the actual strings less damaging. Now, if you suffer with Guitar Player Fingers, Guitar Hands® solves the problem in an additional way. Rather than treating the strings, Guitar Hands® Hand Care works by directly strengthening the skin of your fingers by way of Clinical Lipid Therapy® skin barrier based hand care.

How many times have you heard, “I tried to learn the guitar, but pressing the strings made my fingers sore; so, I quit.”

It’s your hands that make the music; so, if you are learning to play guitar or a string instrument, it’s all about your hands.

For simplicity sake, when I say “guitar,” just know that the concepts I present to you apply to all stringed instruments.

Your hands are the interface between soul, guitar, and ear. Thus, the more precisely your hands can sense the instrument, the more accurate the tactile feel of the neck and strings, the less effort required to attain the needed speed, the more perfect will be the music you play. So, how should you take care of your hands? The internet has hundreds of ideas on hand care. But, musical hands have unique hand care needs. Without a specific goal and basic understanding of skin anatomy and physiology, it’s really impossible to understand the why and how of healthy hand care.