Nicko from one of my all time favourite metal band pioneers, Iron Maiden has made his mark in the music world. He now has his own maiden drumset as well as a slew of Power Slave cymbals from Paiste.


Series Description: Since Nicko McBrain joined the British top metal band Iron Maiden almost 30 years ago, he has been respected worldwide as one of most celebrated and influential rock drummers. His long standing loyalty and dedication moved Paiste to honor Nicko with a special “Boomer” edition of the successful Alpha series, which will satisfy not only die-hard Nicko fans. Corresponding to Nicko’s professional touring set, Alpha Boomer Cymbals are silk screened in blue. The Paiste logo in Maiden-font combined with the PowerSlave Eddie artwork bring the Boomer cymbals’ appearance to perfection.
Since: 2012
Alloy: CuSn8 Bronze, also known as “2002 Bronze”
Applications: Medium to loud settings • Live and recording • Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal
Sound: Bright, crisp, energetic, powerful, and cutting with clarity, warmth, and tonal definition

Premier “Spirit of Maiden” Drum Kit

63499-64 (a)

Since 1993, the relationship between Nicko McBrain and Premier has culminated in a series of iconic drumsets produced to support Iron Maiden’s world tours that are instantly recognisable by the band’s millions of fans. The ‘Spirit of Maiden’ is the first drumset product from Premier that offers fans an affordable drumset that’s officially licensed by Iron Maiden.

The artwork of the kit depicts the band’s iconic mascot Eddie from the ‘Piece of Mind’ album; the first Maiden album to feature Nicko on drums. Finished in a two-tone metallic grey and silver, the covering is produced in the UK at the same facility used for Nicko’s personal tour kits. Each drum has a silver embossed Iron Maiden badge that complements the artwork whilst the bass drum head includes the Premier logo in Maiden’s signature font.

Featuring 6.6mm 6-ply blended birch shells, the Spirit of Maiden shell pack consists of two power toms, 10” x 9″ and 12” x 10” with traditional mounting upon the shell. The power toms, along with the 16” x 16” floor tom, come fitted with 1.6mm triple-flange steel hoops.

The 22” x 18” bass drum’s attributes include matching, fully finished, lacquered wooden hoops and heavy-duty spurs. The power toms are mounted to the bass drum with the inclusion of the Roklok tom holder. Finally a matching 14” x 6” snare drum completes the 5-piece shell pack offering.

All batter heads are Remo UT Coated whilst ebony heads are fitted to the response side, a signature found on Nicko’s tour kits.

  • 5-piece shell pack
  • Power toms featuring direct tom mounting
  • Custom ‘Eddie’ metallic covering, produced in the UK
  • Silver embossed Iron Maiden badge
  • 6.6mm 6-ply blended birch shells
  • Fully finished lacquered bass drum hoops
  • 1.6mm triple-flange steel hoops
  • Heavy-duty bass drum spurs
  • Matching 14″ x 6″ snare drum
  • Premier bass drum head in ‘Maiden’ font
  • Coated batter heads by Remo
  • Ebony response heads
  • 2296 Roklok tom holder included
  • Hardware available separately