Little pedals with some big ideas on how to manage your guitar rig. can also build you a custom pedal to suit your needs. From a single function stomp-box to a multi-stomp monster of your own nosy design.

NosePedal was founded and created by Aaron Tomberlin in early 2011. It started out from Aaron’s personal need for a better, smaller, and more versatile expression pedal… and other utility pedals. Though there is good use for a large foot controller expression, expression pedals are usually too big for more than one or smaller boards, heavier, and many guitarists need many more than just one. NosePedal created the small, useful expression pedal with a large control knob, instead of the standard foot controller, that takes up very little realestate on pedalboards and are cheap enough to have more than just one. With many expression options, sizes, and functions, every guitarist can find the perfect Nose expression pedal for their board. And why stop with expression pedals? The Nose expression pedals were doing so well by winning the hearts of guitarist’s worldwide, that very early on the same idea was applied to other types of pedals like volume pedals, looper pedals, tap tempos, switchers, and any other utility pedal you can think of. So the idea being to get more use out of the pedals already on your board, control everything with your feet… and don’t forget how cool they look.