Digitech, manufacturer of quality digital effects for guitar, bass and so much more has come out with a programmable stomp box to add to your custom pedal-board rig. Introducing the iStomp!

The pedal that changes everything


  • Load any e-pedal to your iStomp from the Stomp Shop e-pedal store and virtual road case.
  • Stomp Shop offers 47 different e-pedals to choose from
  • More e-pedals are being added to the Stomp Shop each month
  • User defined custom LED color for any e-pedal loaded to the iStomp
  • Die-cut removable custom labels for multiple e-pedals included with your iStomp
  • True stereo in and stereo out
  • Stomp Shop Apps saves all your e-pedals in the app to become your virtual road case
  • Compatible with all models of iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad running iOS 4.3 or later

The DigiTech iStomp is an entirely new concept in pedals. It works just like a traditional stomp-box with one huge exception. It can be completely reconfigured by loading it with any of the 47 (and growing) e-pedals available in the Stomp Shop app.

Unlike devices that require you to stay tethered to your iOS device, the iStomp does all of its processing internally. This means professional-quality, high-definition signal processing with no latency and you don’t need your iOS device while you’re playing.

Input Connectors 1/4″ Stereo
Output Connectors 1/4″ Stereo
Power Connector 9VDC
Input Impedance 500 kOhm (mono), 1 MOhm (stereo)
Output Impedance 100 Ohms
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 1.7 dB (through DSP)
Power Consumption 150 mA @ 9 VDC
Power Supply PS0913DC-01 (US, JA, EU), PS0913DC-02 (AU, UK)
Controls On/Off Footswitch, 4 Control Knobs
Dimensions 4.9” (L) x 3.15” (W) x 1.65” (H)
Unit Weight 0.6 lbs.
Data Connection DigiTech Smart Cable (DSC) 9 Pin