One of the most talented & diverse bassists of our time, Chris Squire and founding member of YES has passed on. A pioneer of the progressive rock sound and a giant influence of many a bassist was only 67.

A brand I’ve never mentioned in all my posts is Rickenbacker who created the Model 4001 CS for Chris back in 1991 and has remained a rare instrument to get a hold of since that time. Only 1000 were made between the years 1991 to 2000.With it’s non-traditionally shaped body to it’s hefty sculpted headstock it has been at the heart of Chris’ signature sound.



Horseshoe bridge pickup
No body binding
Mono output
8 dot inlays
No neck binding
Toaster neck pickup
Contrasting African Vermilion headstock wings
Clear plastic back painted pickguard with signature
More rounded shaped neck profile
Available only in Cream Colorglo finish
1991 – Introduced 2000 – Production completed March 15, 2000


 Custom Made CS Bass by Mouradian