In the late 80’s I had always wanted a Charvel bass but things didn’t go as planned. I did end up with a Jackson. Today they are no longer making basses just great sounding quality electric guitars. With an artist lineup including: Warren DeMartini, Jake E. Lee & Guthrie Govan Charvel remains a contender for any guitarist looking for great gear. If only they made basses.

Where do you go when your dream guitar is a Charvel and money is no object? Right here. Charvel’s U.S.A. Custom Shop builds the very best of Charvel’s top-line best for the world’s great artists and for you. Many of the talented craftsmen who started it all are still here—creating the epitome of Charvel style and performance at the world’s first and longest continually running custom shop.

Warren Di Martini Model



Jake E. Lee Model


Desolation Model