I’d like to introduce to the RRC audience, country singer/songwriter
Celeste Kellogg as my very first independent artist right here on this all new section I dubbed Country Central. Celeste has been one of my Twitter “Luminaries” for quite a few years now & in that time I’ve had the chance to listen to her catalog of songs thanks to Spotify. Hailing from Nashville this fresh-faced country singer has an impressive repertoire of music that makes me hopeful for the future of Pop-Country music.


Skirting the lines of the current trend of the pop/rock/country sound which has been commonplace in Nashville these days Celeste embraces this sound but shows promise that she can go full tilt Country at a moments notice.


I’ve Tweeted a couple times remarks that her song “Lightning” is such a strong example of her talents and that I would just love to hear more like this. Hey, a country singer has to have a good batch of ballads at her disposal. It’ll serve her well. Other songs like “Someone To Call Me Baby” & the catchy “Country Swagger” along with a good set of covers are great examples of the energetic style that’ll get the crowds up and out on the dance floor.

With a growing list of well crafted songs, covers & accolades Celeste has been receiving airplay around the US. You can hear more from her own site Celeste Kellogg and YouTube channel. I am anxious to see what young vibrant artist will do in the future.

Lightning (Official Lyric Video)

Country Swagger (Official Music Video)