I want to debut Country Central with one of my personal favourites from my home right here in Canada.

In 1987 Blue Rodeo burst upon the scene with their debut album Outskirts.
A blend of Rock’a’billy, folk, country & rock they set the scene for what was to be a resurgence in music less of the electronic nature and brought it back to the roots. Outskirts made Blue Rodeo a household name and was enjoyed by everyone regardless of age.


Track Listing

“Heart Like Mine” – 4:38
“Rose-Coloured Glasses” – 4:25
“Rebel” – 3:47
“Joker’s Wild” – 4:02
“Piranha Pool” – 6:27
“Outskirts” – 4:45
“Underground” – 5:05
“5 Will Get You Six” – 4:22
Try” – 4:03
“Floating” – 7:32

Outskirts released in 1987 was a welcome sound in an age of more electronic music and buck the trend of synthetic sounds of the time. With hits like “Heart Like Mine”, “Rose-Coloured Glasses”, “Rebel” and the heartbreaking ballad “Try” which quickly became a school dance favourite. Blue Rodeo ushered in new interest of music that brought us back to the roots.

Although there has been many lineup changes in the past thirty years the core songwriting team of Greg Keelor & Jim Cuddy have remained and consistently write great songs. The other veteran from their 1987 lineup is bassist Bazil Donovan whose sound is always right there to back up any Keelor/Cuddy composition. Bazil remains one of the most underrated bassists in Canadian history. One who never rests on his laurels.

As times have changed and the music industry has become something altogether different bands like Blue Rodeo have kept the flame burning for good music with consistently good songs & hundreds of great live shows which I highly recommend seeing if you are a fan of good music.

Blue Rodeo Discography

Outskirts 1987
Diamond Mine 1989
Casino 1990
Lost Together 1992
Five Days in July 1993
Nowhere to Here 1995
Tremolo 1997
The Days in Between 2000
Palace of Gold 2002
Are You Ready 2005
Small Miracles 2007
The Things We Left Behind 2009
In Our Nature 2013
A Merrie Christmas to You 2014
1000 Arms 2016