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EZT2015websmMy name is Terry I’m the site owner & administrator for Rock’N’Roll Central. From a very early age I was a music fanatic, so it’s no wonder I became a musician. As a toddler I used to wake up my parents early on a Saturday morning playing records. Earlier still I remember my Grandparents purchasing an actual guitar and I ended up cutting all my fingers and thumbs open on the metal strings. I eventually came back to playing stringed instruments.

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I started playing drums in my teens on sets belonging to friends and the good old High School kit which was a beautiful set of Pearls. Before that I played on boxes, buckets and even used the couch as a set of toms. I think there was even an old barbecue grill in there we used as a percussion instrument. Fortunate enough to purchase a brand new set of my own at the age of 17 (Ferrari red set of Pearls) I was a fixture lugging them through the hallways of my High School for “Jam” nights.

EZT005sm1At the age of 19 there came about the opportunity to learn bass guitar with the help of my friends Mark, Dave & Rob in the mid 80’s and I’ve been playing ever since. I also sing as well. training for four years with instruction from some extremely talented individuals. Some of which are listed in my personal links below.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Central was created due to the increasing use of technology in music. I became more and more interested in the progression of instruments, electronics, gadgets and the ever increasing advances in  software. I created Rock ‘N’ Roll Central as a place for Musicians to discover and discuss new and interesting instruments, devices and artists.


The Site:
All of the artwork on this site, excluding images of the actual gear and a few animated gifs were created by myself using Photoshop, Bryce & Vue 3D.


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About Me/Interests:

Follow this link my ever changing You-Tube playlist of songs I find interesting: ECLECTIC

Birth Place: Trinidad: West Indies

Instruments: Bass guitar, Lead vocals (also writes lyrics and music, arranges, sound & production)

Other Instruments: Guitar, E-bow, Drums, Keyboards.

Musical Influences: Blue Rodeo, Van Halen, Rush, U2, Journey, Led Zeppelin, The Clash, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Jam, Dwight Yoakam, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Big Country, The Smiths, Ron Sexsmith, Sparta, Kings Of Leon.

T.V. Shows: Chicago PD, Poirot, The IT Crowd, Robin Hood (UK 1980), The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (80′s & 90′s), Bob’s Burgers, One Foot In The Grave

Movies: Star Wars, Restless Natives, Lord of the Rings, Avengers

Actors: Harrison Ford, Kate Winslet, Jeremy Brett, Gary Oldman.

Drinks: Solo (Trinidad), Corona, Shock Treatment from Fat Tuesdays (Miami)

Foods: Chinese, Italian, Cuban, Thai, Tex-Mex/Mexican, Vietnamese, Korean, West-Indian

Hobbies/Interests: Computers, Drawing, Poetry, Cars, Graphic Arts, Video Games, Anything technology oriented.

Misc. Great Stuff: Spending time with friends/family, Going to the movies, Eating out, Road trips, Bowling, Singing, Long Conversations, Driving out in the countryside ,Spending all day in down-town Toronto.

Quotes : “Friends are the family that you make.” , ” Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.”

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Song of the “Moment”

I am a huge fan of the original Journey and came across this beautiful song. Nicely balanced and sung with such intensity as only Steve Perry can.

Some of my Sci-Fi Graphic Artwork

My ever evolving “Eclectic” playlist